About Me

Since 2008, I have been involved in the creative process of costume starting in Theatre.


Over the years and during my costume related studies, I also partook in various roles within a Costume department, from Film to Live Stage stage performances the experience has improved my ability to work as an individual, as part of any team, under pressure and up to a deadline.

With a flexible approach that allows me to quickly acquire and develop new skills (as well as focus on projects with an eye for detail), I also have strong skills in machine and hand sewing which I enjoy practicing when making costumes for cosplay or live action roleplay; these hobbies have also given me a wealth of experience in working with more unusual materials such as silicone, latex and leather.

In addition, my previous experience working in theatre has helped me acquire good knowledge around historical and contemporary styles, fast maintenance and respect to performers.

Unfortunately in November 2018, I was involved in a severe car collision in West Coast America that turned myself and my passenger's life upsidedown. Since being hospitalised, I have been determined and self motivated, exercising as much as I can with the goal of getting back on track, continue doing what I love. 








Cardiff, South Wales


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